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International Protein Vegan Plant Power MRP Refeed Protein 2.27kg / Vanilla Custard

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At last, a plant protein powder designed for hard gainers. MRP Refeed’s amino acid profile contains all the essential amino acids in the amounts your body needs. It hasn’t just been created for the general nutrition market, but specifically for bodybuilders and athletes who want more from their plant protein powders. As more athletes are choosing to follow a plant-based diet or nutrition program, that shouldn’t mean missing out on the high-performance extras often found in regular protein powders. Plant Power MRP Refeed by International Protein is here to change the game of plant protein powders. We created this plant protein powder to help you perform at your peak and with optimal muscle growth and recovery in mind.


Although a plant protein powder, Plant Power MRP Refeed rivals a typical whey formulation in terms of completeness and quality. We achieve this through a combination of pea, organic rice, and sacha inchi proteins to provide the best anabolic profile possible to support muscle growth and recovery.

Plant protein powders, by nature, have a medium digestion rate. MRP Refeed has revolutionised protein digestion with hydrolysed pea protein, and mung protein peptides for that instant post-workout protein hit. These plant protein peptides provide the most effortlessly and rapidly digested form of plant protein available to accelerate recovery.

This product contains energy-rich native tapioca and nutrient-rich MODCARB® complex carbohydrates. This unique ingredient is a combination of gluten-free oat bran, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, and millet. Provide your body with the sustainable fuel to drive intense workouts and offer extra protein during exercise. Take this supplement to ensure you achieve optimal muscle maintenance or weight gain.

Energy and vitality are essential to outstanding sports performance. Coconut water powder, organic maca, and creatine support strength while providing clean energy and natural electrolytes. Some scientific evidence suggests maca gives you a natural energy shot. It can also help combat the stress caused during heavy training and competition.

Delicious, naturally-flavoured Plant Power MRP Refeed tastes incredible even when mixed with water, but it also blends perfectly with almond and coconut milk. Add it into other foods like non-dairy yoghurt for a tasty snack. This refeed protein is one of the best vegan protein powders available today, so don’t miss out on trying it!