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International Protein Kre-Alkalyn PH Balance Creatine

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Product Description

International Protein Kre-Alkalyn helps you meet your energy requirements.   Creatine is one of the most important energy providers of muscle tissue.   Once creatine reaches your muscle cells, it get's converted into creatine phosphate with the addition of a phosphate group. This phosphate group is then used up in the creation of high energy ATP molecules known as ‘energy cells’ of your body.  

Research shows that creatine gets converted into creatinine at low pH level.  Creatinine disrupts the formation of ATP molecules and prevents your muscles from benefiting from creatine.  When the pH level is higher, creatine tends to be a lot more stable.

Kre-Alkalyn is the only creatine product with a pH higher than 12. The creatine molecules are manufactured using a patented process where they are synthesised with buffering agents. This process ensures creatine molecules have a high pH and are able to reach muscles in stable form. International Protein Kre-Alkalyn prevents muscle loss and breakdown. It provides pH correct (pH above 12) creatine monohydrate. This helps your muscles absorb more creatine and increases your power and stamina during intense workouts. Kre-Alkalyn prevents bloating and painful cramps post-exercise.