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Inspired Nutraceuticals Greens Superfood Island Vibes (Tropical) / 30 Serves

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Product Description

Great Formula, Even Greater Tasting Superfoods

It can be easy to get wrapped up in some of the flashier offerings in the supplement space. Pre-workouts, pump boosters, creatine, protein powders... There's a lot out there, and all of them serve a purpose.

But oftentimes, what you really want is to just feel well. To feel like your body is a machine. No aches, no pains, no problems.

There's nothing better than feeling great

Your body has a lot of needs. It needs the proper amount of calories, the correct ratio of macronutrients, and a baseline level of vital important micronutrients at all times. If something gets out of whack, you can feel it.

When you're getting everything you need, the difference is palpable. You feel like you're ticking on all cylinders. You feel more energized – cleaner.

Ultimate nourishment

As it turns out, your mother was right. To maintain optimal health, greens should be in the picture. The issue is that greens are inconvenient to consume in adequate quantities. Cooking vegetables isn't the most satisfying experience, regardless of the health benefits, and it's tough to get enough plant diversity for a full spectrum of micronutrients.

That's where greens powders come in. You can meet your daily nutrient needs with a scoop of powder mixed in a bottle of water.

It's simple, and it works… but only one brand has truly conquered the taste and flavour part of the equation:


Inspired Greens isn't just any greens powder supplement. It's jam-packed with everything needed to make your body and mind into a powerhouse.

We've constructed, from the bottom-up, the most complete daily driver on the market to maintain peak condition. Built around some of the more standard superfoods and it doesn't stop there. After flooding the body with essential nutrients, we turn our attention to the mind.

Building a clean, resilient body

The modern lifestyle is proliferated with all manner of toxins and pollutants that all work together to parasitically sap you of vitality and strength.

It's more important than ever to combat these industrial forces and ensure your body has every tool it needs to operate in perfect harmony. Inspired Greens is an excellent first step.

One scoop daily is all it takes to begin marching on the path towards optimal health.