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BSc Bodyscience Nitrovol Mass Gainer Vanilla Thickshake / 2.2kg

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Product Description

Introducing our powerhouse mass-gaining solution: Nitrovol Mass Gainer. The ideal blend of high-protein, high-carbs and muscle-building ingredients, specifically formulated for individuals who are serious about gaining size and building muscle mass. Whether you're a hard gainer or looking to pack on lean mass, this high-quality protein powder is your ally in achieving your desired physique.


    • A calorie content of 424 calories per serving for increased energy and muscle building.
    • Advanced Myocytin Creatine Delivery System for improved strength, increased power output, and accelerated muscle recovery to help you dominate your training sessions.
    • Enriched with BCAAs and Glutamine promoting muscle recovery, reducing muscle breakdown and supporting training performance.

    How To Use

    Add 120g (2 rounded scoops) to 400ml of cold water, milk or plant-based milk of your preference. Add it to your favourite ingredients for a supercharged protein smoothie. Get creative and use it for cooking, baking and various recipes to create high-protein snacks.

    Pre-workout fuel: 2 scoops (120g) with water 60min before training.

    Post-workout recovery: 2 scoops (120g) with water or milk (and milk alternatives) 15min after training.

    Daily protein snack: 2 scoops (120g) with water, milk (and milk alternatives), smoothies or added to your favourite recipe to increase daily protein intake, and control hunger and cravings.


    Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.

    Free From

    • Gluten-Free